Room 111

Room 111

Room 111 (322 square ft, 14.5’ x 23’) is a smaller room booked for small groups, including art classes, summer camps, piano lessons, voice lessons, yoga, small group music rehearsals. As well, it is a kitchen room, available for booking adjunct to other room bookings, for food preparation.


Booking Guidelines

Room 111 Rates

Room 111 Capacity

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What's Included in the Rental

Five sinks
Two large microwave ovens,
A small freezer
Large Fridge
3x 6 foot rectangular tables
Counter and Cupboard Space
16+ chairs
Upright piano
Natural light – window opens
Natural light – window opens
Upright piano

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For all booking inquiries,  email us or call us with any questions or concerns that you might have in regards to facilitating your event/program/meeting at St. James Community Square.