broadcast live from the square

Hall users may choose to livestream their events, using our 1 gig parallel speed Internet, connecting to one camera, or device. However, if you wish to have professional, high quality livestreaming, we are pleased to advise that we have partnered with Hubcast Media Productions Inc. to launch a new broadcast-quality livestreaming service at The Square.

With the support of Creative BC through the Amplify BC grant, Hubcast Media and The Square are combining forces to facilitate opportunities for those working in BC’s cultural industries during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. The Square has been outfitted with livestreaming cameras  and upgraded to fibre optic internet connection to support cultural artists and organizations to professionally broadcast their content to audiences virtually anywhere in the world. Cameras are pan, tilt, zoom, and flexible for positioning.

Behind the Scenes at Hubcast Media Studios

Rate Schedule


The Base Package is a three-camera remote package that is suitable for events, presentations and performances that require simple production set ups.

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Optional add-ons:


The Advanced Package is a four-camera remote package that is suitable for band performances and special events that require additional equipment and more technical support than the Base Package.

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Optional add-Ons